Small data files sent to users ' devices by the internet network server via the Internet Browser in use are called cookies, and websites recognize users through these cookies, and the life of cookies differs depending on the browser settings.


These cookies Hat Design Research and Consulting Inc. (company) is created through the systems that are being managed by, although some service providers that have been authorized by the company at the same time, similar technology users by placing their devices IP address, can obtain information such as a unique identifier and a device identifier. In addition, third-party links contained in the company's systems are subject to the privacy policies of these third parties, but the responsibility for the privacy practices does not belong to the company, and in this context, it is recommended to read the privacy policy of the site when visiting the site covered by the relevant link.


For what purpose and how are cookies used? / and on the sites of the company's business partners, it is intended to provide users with personalized content, campaigns and advertising appropriate to their interests and needs. The aim of this is to make the Site experience better by preventing unnecessary ad display that will not attract the user's attention. In this context, Cookies both help us recognize you and allow us to make the Site More Useful and useful to you with content, advertising and campaigns that we think will be of interest to you.

Cookies may be used on the sites of other business partners who wish to use this site.

Cookies may be used to show ads and campaigns that may be of interest to you when you log in to the site, and to determine whether you are interested in this ad after you see content and advertising on the site, and to visit the site of the relevant product or service.

Cookies; number of users visiting the Site, user type, frequency of visits, user behavior and habits, from which countries users visit the site, etc. it can be used to create statistics.


What information is received and processed through Cookies?


The site from which the site came and which site was visited after the site, the geographical location of the users, the reactions to the advertising banners on the site, the personal information that the user voluntarily provided to the site and the sites of his business partners, the preferences performed on the site, the movements related to the site and the pages of our business partners on social networking sites can be received and processed. Data from different sites can also be combined and processed.

The information you provide to the site and its partners ' sites may be collected and processed by the Site or its partners for the purposes set forth herein.




Cookies, whose main purpose is to provide convenience to users, are basically grouped into 4 main groups:

Session cookies (cookies): carry information across pages of information that is entered by the user and the Internet to be remembered as systemic, allowing you to take advantage of the various features like the company's corporate functions, and cookies that are required for the proper functioning of the website.

Performance Cookies: These are cookies that collect information about the frequency of visits to pages, possible error messages, the total time spent by users on the relevant page, as well as patterns of use of the site, and are used to improve the performance of the company's corporate website.

Functional Cookies: These are cookies that remind the user of previously selected options for convenience, and the company aims to provide users with advanced internet features within the corporate website.

Advertising and Third-party Cookies: These are Cookies belonging to third-party suppliers and allow the use of certain functions on the company's corporate website and advertising tracking.




The purposes of use of cookies used by the company are as follows:

Operational uses: the company may use cookies that enable it to use functions on this site or detect irregular behavior in order to ensure the management and security of its systems.

Functional uses: the company may use cookies to remind users of their information and past choices to facilitate the use of its systems and to provide user-specific usage features.

Performance-oriented uses: the company may use cookies to evaluate and analyze the interaction with sent messages and user behavior in order to improve and measure the performance of its systems.

Advertising uses: the company may use cookies that measure the effectiveness of these ads or analyze the status of clicks to transmit advertising and similar content within the scope of users ' interests through its or third-party systems.




The use of cookies is pre-defined in many browsers, and users can change this selection State from the browser settings and therefore delete existing cookies and reject future use of cookies; however, if the use of cookies is canceled, there can be no use of a number of features in the company's systems.




The stored information will be deleted by the company when the legal or contract-defined filing period expires or if the company no longer needs it. However, you can request that your information be deleted at any time. In such cases or any other questions about your personal information [email protected] you can consult the address by e-mail. If you have questions about the storage of your information and the use of this information, you can contact us again by the same method. Although the legal time to respond to your requests is 30 days, you can be sure that we will make every effort to respond to you in less than this time.

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