About LAGU...

A Brand by a designer who likes good details…

A design approach that likes to live with good details... Today, while designers are inspired by geometric and digital aesthetics, our relationship with objects is also changing. While these relations are getting simplified in some way, on the other hand, they are deepening. All the tastes and styles of modern history are reinterpreted in Lagu’s language.

Lagu products are created using all natural materials that have been used for centuries, such as natural wood, natural stones, quality fabrics, brass etc with the latest technologies. Processing knowledge of the past with future’s production techniques brings the modern and unique designs to the life.

Ufuk Ceylan with extensive experience in Art Design, Furniture Design had also worked long time on designing of user experience in various areas. While he was designing his own living areas, his passion for 3D has ignited and the famous “Famed” collection was born in his own house. Eventually Lagu Collections were created with enriched new inspirations and Lagu Showroom in Nişantaşı, Istanbul was opened.

While continue hosting its guests in its Showroom in Istanbul, Lagu reaches its tasteful customers all over the world through its own website and distinguished web sites that support design. Presently Lagu designs better living areas like home, offices etc with hundreds of its unique designs/products in its collection.

Lagu continues its journey of creating better living spaces for its customers under two signatures as "Ufuk Ceylan" and "Studio Lagu" with its innovative and competent team with interior architects, industrial product designers, graphic designers and many others.